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The friendly folks at Trailhead Canoe Livery are ready to help you get on the river!


Want to join the livery crew next season? Submit an application here.


Floating on the water is Dustin's favorite way to relax, especially after a day of teaching middle school. His favorite stretch of river is the route right here at the livery: the Tuscarawas between Butterbridge Road and Lake Avenue.



A Southern transplant to Ohio, Jess is a Spanish teacher who keeps her language skills sharp through her passion for travel. She loves to camp and hike, especially when her two pups are along for the trip!



The other half of our Spanish-teacher duo, Chris loves exploring the wilderness and learning about the many uses of plants, especially with his kids in tow. On a Friday night, you might catch him singing karaoke — the '90s are his favorite!

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When he's not wrenching at the bike shop, you'll catch Ern Jr. slinging boats at the canoe livery. His favorite paddling trip is any trip with the pups, Ruby and Pearl.

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